Our Stays

Our Stays

Villa/ Vacation Home Rental – With all eyes on this stunning scenic island, it comes as no surprise that more and more people are considering villa/ vacation homes for their holidays. Booking a luxury villa is ensuring an incredible location with a homely affair. There are beachfront properties, stunning seascapes, and incredible jungle escapes. Nothing beats the perfection of having the location to yourself, and with your own private pool, you can splash as much as you like, or relax in total peace and quiet. Villas often offer more secluded locations than hotels, a comfortable distance away from the tourist trail. Forget about sharing your holiday with others as you can wander around however you like without ever feeling conscious of other’s eyes on you. It’s just your own space, for you and your family/friends.

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Our Promise to you

We are committed to developing and running unique, authentic cultural tours.  With that as our goal, we promise you the following:
  • Authenticity:
  • You will have fascinating, meaningful, one-on-one interactions with local people
  • You will gain deep insights into the local culture by experiencing local customs, art, architecture, religion, food, and music
  • You will experience the best a region has to offer – the best culture, best landscapes, best sites, best food
  • Wherever possible, you will stay in comfortable, high-quality, locally-owned accommodations that reflect the local culture
  • Depth of Experience:
  • Unlike many other cultural tour operators which promote their breadth of service, offering hundreds of trips to countries all over the world, we have chosen to maintain our depth of experience in specific regions that we know and love best
  • You will journey far off the beaten path, to places few Westerners have ventured
  • Even within a classical routing, we incorporate unique, personalized experiences
  • You will have a wide variety travel options in our regions of expertise
  • You will have a hand-crafted, well-planned and executed itinerary
  • Your highly trained, English-speaking local escorts and guides who are experts in the local region and special interests of the itinerary will:
  • Share their unique insights into their native culture
  • Ensure your safety at all times
  • Do everything possible to ensure your comfort.
  • Flexibility and Personal Service: 
  • Your trip will be exactly they way you want it, hand-crafted by our tour specialists
  • You may choose to travel in a group or privately
  • You may choose to customize your trip in any way imaginable, and we will enthusiastically help you plan your one-of-a-kind travel experience
  • You will have the flexibility and guidance to take advantage of unexpected opportunities, both privately and within a small group tour.
  • You will experience a high level of personal and professional service at all times
  • Value:
  • You will find our high-quality group and private tours to be priced competitively and affordably.  We are a small company with low overhead, so we don’t weigh down our tours with excessive mark ups.
  • We guarantee to deliver on all of our services so you can book with us to secure your vacay connect experience.