Gros Islet Street Party

You maybe have heard about this famous street party, where every Friday night starting at sunset, the streets at Gros Islet comes alive with the residents of Gros Islet firing up their barbecue grills, icing down their Piton beers, setting up table-top bars on the streets, and getting ready to welcome thousands of enthusiastic personalities to their fishing village. Arts and crafts vendors lay out their stalls, and the town center becomes the DJ central, as a giant sound system cranks up and keeps the street party going until the early hours of Saturday morning. With barbecues grilling everything, from zesty pork and chicken, to the freshest  fisherman’s catch, lobster, conch ect,  be sure to bring your appetite when you come to enjoy this sizzling atmosphere!

What’s Included?

  • Pick up and drop off
  • Refreshments

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Gros Islet Street Party